Safe haven for business travelers around Menlyn

40 on Ilkey B&B opens the doors to business travelers.

However the previous couple of months kept us all home bound, online and safe from infection, it is once again time to do business, reconfirm client relationships, reaffirm company policies and reconnect with staff members.

In a time where you might be nervous to expose yourself to possible infection, 40 on Ilkey B&B offers a safe environment. With all our rooms leading into the garden, you are not only sure of your privacy, but also of minimal contact with other guests.

The dining room is closed for guests. We will, however still be serving breakfast on a tray to your bedroom. Our renowned coffee and muffins will also be delivered to your room on request.

As Donaven remarked earlier this week: “You always make me feel so at home, I know I am safe, my car is safe and with your Covid19 protocols in place, it affirms that your commitment to the well being of your guests. I was so worried to come on this trip, but you made it so easy.”

We do the following :

  • Sanitise Bathroom: Shower / Bath / Basin / Toilet,
  • all surfaces in the room
  • door handles and light switches
  • appliances, remotes and buttons
  • cutlery & crockery, trays
  • room keys and remotes
  • all other surfaces in the office and other common areas.

(This is not a lot different from what we used to do)

We further practice social distancing as required.  Keeping a distance of approx. 1,5 meters between one another.

Another important part of our strategy is to have a waiting period of 72 hours between accommodating different guests in the same room.

We do not accommodate:

  • people in self quarantine
  • guests waiting for Covid-19 test results
  • arrivals that run a fever or show other signs of possible infection
  • potential guests that resided at premises where other occupants tested positive for Covid-19

When you arrive, you have to complete a declaration form with contact details and your travel arrangements as required by Dept of Health. The declaration also ask about your health and possible exposure. We take your temperature with a non-contact laser medical forehead thermometer. We require that you wear a three layered face mask in the common areas of the B&B.

Only 50% of our rooms are available for accommodation at all times.

All precautions in line with the guidelines provided by the TBCSA.

Be sure to book your next business travel trip to stay over at 40 on Ilkey B&B online

Kind Regards,
Danél Muller

PS. Thank you for all the beautiful messages and letters of encouragement through the last couple of months. We appreciate it deeply. Johan and I, and the members of the furry family are all well. – D